New families may contact me at 703-472-6634, or e-mail, to schedule a 30-minute, no-obligation consultation and mini lesson.  This is the best way to observe how I teach and interact with the children.  You may click on contact if you wish to send an email.


Lesson times are reserved for the whole year and monthly tuition must be paid by the first lesson of the month.  No refunds are given for missed lessons.  Lessons offered are 45 minutes and 60 minutes. Fees are based on four lessons a month for 48 weeks.  Please note that some months have 5 lessons in the month so that they exactly average out to 4 lessons a month for 48 weeks. There are 52 weeks in the year so the remaining 4 weeks are the holiday periods.  There are four unpaid holidays per year, which closely follow the Fairfax County School Calendar.  


45 minute lessons per year - $2,400 ($200 per month)

1 hour lessons per year - $3,240 ($270 per month)

Tuition is due at the first lesson of the month. Please add 10.00 for late fees.

HOLIDAYS  2014-2015

  • Thanksgiving:   November 24 - December 01
  • Christmas:        December 22 - December 29
  • Easter:             March 30 - April 06
  • Summer:         September 1- September 08


All students are required to have a piano at home for daily practicing.  I highly recommend a tuned acoustic piano, although a digital piano with 88 weighted and “touch sensitive” keys plus proper foot pedals is acceptable for early levels.  All students will need a quality metronome.

Parents should try to make sure that their child is sitting comfortably at the piano and, if necessary, provide a foot stool so that their legs do not dangle.  This will avoid unnecessary fatigue and contribute to good posture and balance.


I require students to be prepared for each lesson and to have made weekly progress on all parts of the assignment. This requires a commitment to practicing the piano at home each day. Practice times will vary throughout the year depending on our goals and projects. As a guide, parents should ensure that children practice at least five days each week.  Consistent daily practice is the key to long-term success. The practice times may be divided up into shorter segments during the day.

 Age  3 - 7: 20 minutes daily

 Age  8 - 9: 30 minutes daily

 Age 10 - 13: 45 minutes daily

 Age 14 - Up: 60 minutes daily     


Students are expected to arrive on time with their books each week. They are welcome to come in quietly without knocking on the door.  Shoes should be removed at the front door and hands must be washed before the lesson.  Nails should be kept short so that there will be a secure hand position on the keys.   

All cell phones must be turned off during the lesson and no food or drinks will be allowed in the piano room.

Students are asked to bring a 3-ring binder with the following divisions in this order:  Assignments, Theory, Rhythm, Sight Reading, Scales Chords, Suzuki, Games, Manuscript, Other.  Also, two zippered pockets with punched holes to fit in the binder.

Parents of young children are required to attend the lesson as well so that they can assist with practice times at home.

The initial book fee for beginners is $75 which covers the piano book, theory book, CD, reading book and supplies.


When you register for lessons, you are reserving your weekly lesson time for the year.  It is each family's responsibility to be on time for the lesson.  Tuition fees will not be refunded for missed lessons.  

If school is cancelled for a snow day, please assume that lessons will take place as usual, since the roads are generally clear by the afternoon.  Please use your own judgment and call if you do not feel comfortable about driving.


Please give at least one months notice.  Fees must be paid to the end of the month.

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